A Year In Review

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2017 marks the year of inception of LDRC with a year having passed from an initial idea to the incorporation of the business and achievements throughout.  When Dan and I first spoke about the potential, LDRC was born out of a desire to do things better, this was better than we were seeing around us and in our competitors.   Our drive has not changed from day one and our commitment to quality has always been steady.

We first walked into our 680 SQ FT office in Brooklands Court, Kettering, with an excitement to fill the office with like-minded, hardworking consultants as we looked to grow and develop our business.  We were delighted to be able to welcome our former colleague Becky Reid to our team quickly and have enjoyed watching her be able to flourish in her role.

With our first placements coming quickly, we have been able to achieve placement numbers beyond expectations of a small organisation which would be the envy of our larger competitors.   We have developed, learning that our backgrounds within contact centre recruitment did not need to dictate the recruitment that we did and instead allowed us to use this skill set and apply this to other markets with high levels of success.

What has been clear to us very quickly, was that having a prestigious name, a large investment, numerous accreditations or awards add nothing when it comes down to the skill of being able to work as a true recruitment partner.  We know that it comes down to the ability to offer skills and specialisms to support a business in finding their future talent.  We continue to run with the professionalism expected from a large organisation but with the passion only achieved through a smaller enterprise.

Our special thanks go out to those that have offered support to us to date with things such as accounts, design, IT hardware, glass partitions and advice. 

Our growth plans are set to continue into 2018 with more anticipated successes and learns throughout.  I am delighted to be able to welcome our two newest recruits Alexandra Tolchard and Emmie Gaziano to LDRC.  2018 will mark a new kind of hard work for us as we train our new colleagues in the procedures, processes and desire that Dan, Becky and I share so passionately. 

We look forward to working with you in 2018 and wish you a prosperous year ahead.


Contributor: Tristan Law