A candidate lead market

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More and more you will hear the term “a candidate lead market” banded around, but what does this really mean?

I have probably heard the term most commonly for just over the last 2 years.  It suggests that employers have to work even harder to gain candidate interest, as they have more choice and opportunity within a thriving market place.

I am an advocate of employers looking at their interview processes and ensuring that everything is done in such a way as to create a positive candidate experience.  What I do appreciate, is that it isn’t always easy to get the idea of “if they want the job, they will do it” out of your mind, but what I see is that those that make the adjustment see the greatest benefits.

Before coming in and seeing you, seeing your work environment and picturing themselves doing the job and doing it for you, a candidate is unlikely to be engaged enough to want to jump through hoops.  Really, I think that seems fair enough.

I believe that candidates should be put through their paces as part of an interview process, but only at such time as you know that they really want the job and that you want them to want the job.  I believe that that this will make their interview much stronger as a reflection of how they will do once successful in securing the position.


Contributor: Tristan Law