★★★★★ Client Feedback

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We are delighted to have received the following ★★★★★ feedback from a client of ours.  A huge well done to Becky, it is a delight to see feedback that represents everything that you work so hard to achieve. 

Have used Becky several times over the last 9 months or so and feel that she really understands my needs within recruitment. She took an avid interest at the beginning with what I am looking for.

Like other agencies that just send over as many CVs as they can, Becky sends me quality. To the point that I interviewed every candidate she sent. Not only that the short summary for each candidate, with a rational, makes life so much easier.

I have already had one candidate via Becky that is a huge success so far and am on the verge of having another 2 candidates.

I love the no-nonsense direct approach she offers, which is coupled with a real understanding of my needs.

Thank you to our client for taking the time to send this and fingers crossed for the 2 candidates today.

 Contributor: Tristan Law


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