Collaborative Working

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The recruitment industry is a competitive marketplace with many different agencies vying for the position as a preferred choice supplier.  With this level of competition, it is natural and common in some recruitment businesses to view other recruiters as “the enemy”, but that need not always be the case.

Having a disdain for your competition can often drive a recruiter to outperform them with the focus being on the basis of things such as speed or quality.  Without competition, there is considerably less cause to complete a thorough and quality job and there is less of a requirement to find people quickly.  For any business within any industry, it is healthy to have strong competition as it drives everyone to perform more effectively.

It is important to remain respectful of your competition, often there will be elements of the role that you can learn from if you are astute enough to take the lessons on board.  If you work hard enough, it isn’t difficult to set yourself aside from the competition, those lesson learns are for the individual that strives to be the best and not something you can take from a selective list on a blog.  Working to outperform the competition isn’t something new to LDRC, with a core focus being based on our competition from day one.

Something that has been new to us at LDRC, is working with other agencies as a mutual benefit to candidates and employers. Opportunities have arisen for us as a mixture of attending networking events and from our previous working relationships.  As LDRC have worked in partnership with other recruitment agencies on a number of positions, relationships have proven to add benefit to all parties.  Using different businesses specialisms, skills and knowledge to their fullest potential have allowed us to find more people new jobs with new employers.

Working collaboratively comes with a large hurdle to overcome for those choosing to work this way.  Trust is a huge initial element of consideration if any parties are looking to work collaboratively.  In a competitive environment, concerns will exist that the other party will try to steal the business.  It is our belief, that the long-term values of working collaboratively far outweigh the benefits of going around someone. 

Over these past two weeks, LDRC has been delighted to have started two new recruitment partnerships with our fellow recruiters and look forward to adding mutually beneficial working relationships.


Contributor: Tristan Law