Hold Music

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Oh, the irony of selling into call and contact centres as a recruiter. The variety of switchboards, automatic hold music with the repeated message of “have you tried to resolve your query on our website?”. I then consider my own potentially wasted time on each call I make as I sometimes hold for 10 minutes plus, trying to envisage why my call is taking so long to be answered. Is this actually a good situation I find myself in? Does the fact they are taking so long mean that actually, they are under-resourced and therefore will require my services as a professional call and contact centre recruiter?

The idea of first writing this blog came to me when ironically on hold in relation to the above and hearing the repetitive tunes, jingles and automated messages that you are greeted with whilst waiting to speak to a human. From classical masterpieces to modern day hits, the time spent on hold can be an entertaining one and is certainly more bearable than the repeated “please hold the line, an agent will be with you shortly….” message.


Regardless of the method of keeping people on hold, it made me think … Does this in any way give each individual business an initially perceived reputation for the service and care I am about to receive? Does the fact generic, non-specific jingles or messages suggest that I am dealing with a company who does not care as much about the organisation that has tailored, bespoke and well thought through messages or music?

Spending a lot of my working week on hold, I started to recognise recurring jingles that are used by many businesses of all sizes and therefore decided to research this. What I found, I wanted to share with you as the origin of one particular tune (which you will undoubtedly recognise) plays out a very interesting story. Back in 1989, a man named Darrick Deal along with his friend Tim Carleton recorded a song in their garage with the hope of stardom and fame. Although this initial dream never came to fruition, the song itself ended up becoming one of the most recognised ‘hold music’s’ of our generation. Years after the recording Darrick joined ‘Cisco’ and was tasked with building one of their first IP phones. As part of this Darrick knew he had to incorporate a piece of hold music that would eventually be part of over 65 million of these handsets which were eventually sold worldwide. With this, ‘Opus No.1’ was finally about to go viral.

Behind every piece of hold music, there is a potential story. I hope you enjoyed the above and I look forward to sharing more interesting revelations in the future.


Contributor: Dan Drage