Recruitment Mindset

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Having come from a commercial recruitment background, I naturally found myself promoting this when talking to potential new businesses.  I found that I would often lead with a background in commercial recruitment as my opening, offering support within sales recruitment seemed to give me that introduction that I needed.


Taking time to reflect on this, I was given the freedom to become as successful as I wanted to be now that I worked in a business with no barriers.   My change in approach allowed me to partner with clients to became a more knowledgeable through being consultative, I instantly found that I was able to understand much more and had the mindset of a more skilled recruiter.  I understood that by no means was this a one hat fits all recruitment, it was about working together, understanding the business, their employees, the environment, the market and the candidate that would be successful.

All in the last 3 months, I have been able to support businesses on roles that I may never have seen myself doing.  Not only have they been a great success for clients and candidates, but I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the new challenge that this has given to me.  I soon realised that clients liked my open approach, I have been able to stand out from the crowd, I was now allowing my recruitment skills to do the talking rather than a pitch based upon my background.


Recent successes, with the above in mind, have included a Senior Hygiene Operative and a Team Leader within the FMCG industry. I am proud that one of these positions claims my record for the quickest turn around from job to offer, as well as that I moving to more niche roles has allowed me to achieve a personal best in my highest ever fee.

Armed with success, I now find myself discussing this with existing and new clients, this has become a success story that I am proud of, I have learned that it is not about the sector you in which you recruit, it is about your ability to understand and share the passion of your client’s businesses forming a successful partnership with both client and candidate.


Contributor: Becky Reid