Our Recruitment Process

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Recruitment is a tough game, that is seeing the market grow rapidly with more and more recruiters going it alone. The market continues to step up its game with recruiters targeting those experienced and sought-after candidates that businesses really need to help them grow and be successful. Here are a few of the sometimes-forgotten basics that we as a business hold as our key values;


We believe in keeping a constant line of communication open with all candidates, regardless of the stages of their application. We aim to have a feedback afternoon session at least once a week per consultant. We generally like to do this on a Friday, allowing any last updates from clients to come through and be passed on.

Our communication doesn’t always need to be as in depth as other conversations, a call, text or email can be just as effective. Something as simple as:

‘The client is just wrapping up interviews for the week, we should hear next week’ OR ‘The client has confirmed that the last day for applications was today, we should have an update on interviews by early next week’

Just one little message can ensure that all active candidates are kept up to date as to where they stand and give them a little piece of mind over the weekend.

 Pipelining and Networking

Often our clients work with us as they have immediate needs. They may have already completed their own job search and round of interviews to no avail! In our industry, this generally occurs after a sales call that has been made, with the assurance of a large pool of candidates in their post code, with industry experience and that are all available immediately!

We aim to touch base with candidates every 2-4 weeks, a little catch up on where they are with current job searches, questioning if anything has changed with their current employer, and keeping them up to date with the current market place of their interest. Scheduling regular time in our diaries allows those catch ups to be quick, straight forward and beneficial to all.

When that urgent call comes in, we really can keep to our word!

Always reply!

There are 1.53 million unemployed people in the UK, this means job applications are made in huge numbers every day. We’ve all been there looking through our ad response searching for that one candidate ticking all our client’s boxes. You find their CV, you get them registered, prepare them for an interview and they get the job. Transaction complete and on to the next job….. What about the other 100+ applicants that came through?

We wherever possible ensure that every applicant applying for positions gets a response and acknowledgement. It can be very disheartening for candidates getting knocked back or not hearing anything. Something as simple as an email to inform them the position has been filled but we wish to keep in touch can make a huge difference. There is always a chance that when we are recruiting for that ‘growing’ company, they may require that same candidate again in 6 months. That simple email and keep in touch could be invaluable.

Weekly updates

We often hear about recruiters falling at the first hurdle dealing with hiring managers with lack of communication be it positive or not so!

We strive to arrange weekly catch ups which allow the hiring manager to know exactly how the recruiting is going. It also opens the door for any advice we may have on the current market, i.e. ‘Is the salary competitive for the level of experience required?’ OR ‘Are the hours putting off that perfect candidate?’ Businesses can often be open to changing their requirement’s when they’ve had this sort of feedback.

In our experience, a part of our success has come from being honest with clients, including those times when we didn’t have that handful of candidates lined up at the door for an interview ready for an immediate start.

Dealing with rejection

Recruitment comes with its challenges, rejection and disappointment taking number one spot. It takes years to master and deal with both. Realistically you’ll never get every candidate to turn up to their interview and at times they even decide the night before they’re due to start the job, that it isn’t for them. Where you can beat yourself up over this, we put steps in place where we can see the outcome before it happens, hence avoiding the sudden disappointment!

Keep in touch points, Friday good luck calls and Sunday text messages to candidates are techniques we use to allow us to track communication and commitment throughout.

When rejection hits, we accept it and recover from it. We use our regularly contacted candidate database and open communication to ensure the situation is handled with as little disruption as possible. We then learn from it and carry on!


Here at LDRC we genuinely believe that being positive helps us all both mentally and emotionally! We are fortunate to work for a company where this is the same across the board. An environment where there is always someone to support, motivate and offer biscuits and coffee during challenging times! Seeing an opportunity in everything you do will take you far within recruitment, something we experience every day!