Sales Mindset

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All around us everyday things can happen that we see, hear, smell or feel that can have a huge impact on our mindset and how we perform in the day, days, or even weeks ahead.

Working in recruitment as a “360” consultant, a positive mindset can be the difference between an average delivery and phenomenal results.  It is therefore important at all times to question yourself “Am I in the correct mindset to maximise my sales activity?”

Anything can impact on how we feel. Illness, finances, work pressures, family issues…… the list is endless. However, like the power of exercise for lifting moods and boosting positivity and confidence, can sales activity do the same? We believe it absolutely can. If I set myself a target to make 100 sales calls throughout a day, how will I feel if I don’t achieve this? There is absolutely an argument around quantity versus quality and results should be measured around both. However, If I am easily distracted and achieve only 40 sales calls, with limited results how will this reflect on my next day and the day after. If, however, I set a goal, achieve and exceed this and see the tangible benefits on the back of this I am much more likely to replicate this in my next session.

We can all use positive thinking to our benefit to result in mental wellbeing, financial reward, recognition from colleagues, candidates and clients. Change in mindset will result in a change in results.

Being confident, putting aside scenarios like above and setting daily goals can achieve instant results but how many people do this and how often? When was the last time you really put yourself out of your comfort zone and decided that you could achieve in a day what potentially you have never achieved before? And even if you don’t achieve this, how good will you feel for trying.

A positive mindset will result in positive results.

Contributor: Dan Drage