In LDRC by LDRC ltd

Today LDRC announces their membership of the largest and one of the fastest growing networks of independent recruitment and employment businesses, TEAM (The Employment Agents Movement).

“Business may be global, but knowledge is local,”

The idea of any sort of business network is certainly not new, but this national network really fills a gap in the recruitment and employment industry.   The vast majority of businesses want a local workforce but may also have a highly specialised requirement or a number of other locations elsewhere in the UK.  We don’t want to make promises we cannot fulfil, nor to lose a client because we don’t happen to have the coverage they want – so we needed a solution.  TEAM has found the answer in providing businesses with the best of all worlds.  The Members of TEAM are all independent, privately owned businesses, the owners in the majority leading from the front and actively involved in the business.  They, therefore, have an in-depth knowledge of their local market and workforce and in our experience will ‘sweat blood’ to solve a problem rather than treating people as a ‘numbers game’.  TEAM allows us to be a part of a network working with some of the best recruiters in the business.   Wherever and whatever service a client wants, we can provide it – or know someone who can!”